27 April 2017

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Long Distance Networking Record

Long Distance Networking

Tom McCutchen

From Atlanta to Capetown to Dusseldorf

This week’s letter is longer than usual, but I promise it’s a good read. Tom sent this to me on Sunday. This is the third time I’ve published a “Hey Dave, I got a job” message from Tom. The first was in October 2009; the other was a year ago this week. The cool thing last year was that Tom found a job an excellent job in Atlanta by talking to a friend in Sao Paulo – he set the long distance networking record of 4600 miles.

He just broke his own record. This time it is 8100 miles – all the way to Capetown, South Africa.

Never discount any conversation; always be alert to the possibility that the person you are with right now can help you find a job.

Congratulations once again, Tom. Love how you are managing your career!

– Dave O’Farrell

– – – – –

Hi Dave,

My gig at Healthways in Brazil ended in early September. It was a great experience professionally, personally and financially. I’ve spent the last couple of months up in Dunwoody, absent from the JobSeekers group but pretty well grounded in the methodology, and equipped with an updated set of value-added references.

Long distance networking led to my new job. I contacted my friend Hakon, who is from Bergen, Norway but currently resides in Capetown, South Africa. Hakon and I have worked together on software implementations in Brazil for two different companies. About a year ago he joined his current employer.

I contacted him a couple of months ago in the spirit of confirming his latest contact information and checking his willingness to act as a reference again, rather than shaking him down for a job. As it happens, Hakon’s boss (and mine, starting tomorrow) lives in Atlanta; Hakon sent my resume to him, and then he invited me for lunch toward the end of October.

This led to a trip to the company headquarters in Northern Virginia and finally a Skype interview with the regional director in Europe. I start tomorrow and I’ll spend a few months in the DC area getting up to speed on the software before relocating to Germany to work on software deployments in the Europe / Middle East / Africa region.

I’ll be working in telecom billing software implementation, my old bailiwick, again. I’m looking forward to the job and the international travel, although the chances of working in Brazil again look pretty remote. That’s the only conspicuous downside; anyway, things are lousy right now in Brazil and jobs are scarce.

I’d like to humbly suggest that my credentials as a long distance job networker have been enhanced in the sequence of contacts that I just described: the outcome of the initial Atlanta to Capetown outreach was a job in Dusseldorf.

I’d also like to once again pass along my thanks for past assistance from you and the crew which continue to be helpful years after the assistance was received.

Best regards and muito obrigado,

– Tom