27 April 2017

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Career Advice From a Successful Job Seeker

Michael Amann

Michael Amann

I’m delighted to share this letter from Michael Amann. His last JobSeekers meeting was 11 December. He announced that he and his wife felt called to move back to their hometown of Knoxville. He openly shared the lessons he had learned and told us he wished they had responded to God’s pulling on their hearts sooner.

I’ll let Michael pick up the story from here, but first I want to extend my congratulations and very best wishes to Michael and his wife.

– Dave O’Farrell

– – – – –


I have good news to share. I’ve landed a job in Knoxville.

Here is the timeline for this position.

2/4 1:10 PM Call from Katie at Randstad, who I meet via a job fair on 1/28.

2/4 3:45 PM Interview set for next day at 9:00 AM. There was no job description. All I was told that Trey is a big UT fan (go Vols) and does not like the Gators, this is warehouse manager and routing specialist.

2/4 7:00-10:30 PM Searched for anything I could find about Trey and Athens Distributors.

2/5 9:00 AM “Interview” at Starbucks in Knoxville. This was very informal, although I still wore suit and tie. Mainly to see if my resume and me matched. I also used this to see if Trey matched what Athens had on the web. After an hour we both agreed that we represented what we claimed to be.

2/5 1:15 PM offer made

2/5 1:16 PM offer accepted

I think that equals 24 hours, 6 minutes.

Here are just a few things that helped me and may help others:

  1. Pray for others, then pray for yourself.
  2. You are NOT alone. Use the resources you have, especially at JobSeekers. Talk to Dana, Linda, Bob, Frank and the other Ship’s Crew. They are pretty tough and can take it.
  3. Swallow your pride and reach out to your former supervisor. I spoke with all three of mine and they all agreed to provide a good reference and offer advice. One in fact opened the door at a company in Knoxville that I could not crack.
  4. If your Linked In connects cannot or will not help – GET SOME NEW ONES. Once connected ask how YOU can help THEM.
  5. I moved to Knoxville with 968 connections. Within three days, I added almost 100 NEW connections in the Knoxville area. Then very quickly got some advice, information and referrals (A.I.R.).
  6. Use every opportunity to help someone else first. Yes, I did not have a job, but I had people ask me for help in their search and I was more than glad to be able to. And sometime it was not job related.
  7. Go to job fairs and talk to everyone you can. Especially staffing agencies. I was able to meet with the 6 major ones in one place.
  8. Going on an interview? Dress up! Impressions count!

The recruiter at Randstad was impressed the day I meet her. I asked her if she told the client that I was “swell guy and a snappy dresser?” She said “I told him he would be impressed when he meet you”. Then I asked her if she remembered which suit I had on when I meet her? She said charcoal, which was close enough (it was Navy). So I told her I would wear my green one.

God’s plans are way better than mine. Do not attempt to go through a door that HE has closed. It’s closed for a reason, even if we don’t know why.

I wish all of you the very best, you are in our prayers,

– Michael Amann