27 April 2017

Networking and Positive Attitude

networking positive attitude

Dennis Bennett

Here’s a guy who took the things he learned on Friday mornings and turned them into action items. Desire plus discipline equals results. Congratulations Dennis!

– – – – –

Hey Dave,

I had been coming to JobSeekers for about three weeks. Two things I learned and implemented from your teaching were to network, network, network and to be positive. I ran into an acquaintance about two weeks ago and found out there was a position at his company. I gave him my elevator intro and a copy of my resume. Within five days I had an interview. So networking paid off.

In the interview, I was determined to show myself and my skills in a positive manner. Today, I was offered the position, which I accepted. So being positive worked.

I also achieved my ultimate goal of leaving my current industry. I thank God for answering my prayers of finding a position outside of my industry, and for putting people like you and the care team in my life. Thank you for what you do with the JobSeekers ministry.

Oh, the position is as the Work Center Manager for ABM. They are contracted by Delta. I may have the ability to hire a few team members within a few months, I will let you know when that happens so you can let the JobSeekers group know.

Thanks again!

Dennis Bennett

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    Only Interview in 18 Months

    We loved having Eni’s bright, shining face and cheerful spirit at JobSeekers each Friday. We also love the fact that we won’t be seeing her anymore because she landed an awesome job. Congratulations Eni; very proud of you!!!

    – Dave O’Farrell

    – – – – –

    Hi Dave,

    I hope this reaches you well. I am writing to inform you of my great news! Today I was offered a job with a contracting firm as a contractor for the CDC, which I accepted. My job title is Public Health Analyst. I would like to share with you how this job came about.

    I began job hunting while in Tampa almost 1.5 years ago. In March of 2016, I began to make friends with a recruiter at this contracting firm after a friend gave me a small tip that making friends with recruiters is helpful. I would contact her every couple of months to see if there were any available positions and to keep me in mind.

    At the end of November 2016, I applied to a job with this contracting firm and decided after a JobSeekers class to follow up with my recruiter friend to see if they had any jobs available. She immediately replied and said she thought there might be one. When she got back to me she realized it was the job I had already applied for that she thought would be a good fit. However, she realized the position had already been filled.

    This past Monday I got an email from my recruiter friend asking if I was still available to work, this was the day the freeze on government hires was implemented. I notified her that I was available. She informed the program manager and HR, and HR contacted me the next day to schedule an interview.

    I spoke with them on Wednesday morning discussing the responsibilities and they asked me if I had any questions. Once the conversation drew to an end I asked if they thought I was a match and when I should expect to hear from them. They affirmed they thought I would be a good match and that they would inform me no later than Friday after they spoke to the CDC client.

    The next morning I received an offer letter with a competitive salary + health benefits and I will be starting work on 2/6/2017, exactly four months to the day that I moved from Florida to Georgia after resigning from my job of nearly six years at the VA.

    Dave, this is the only company I interviewed with in my whole job search.

    I want to thank you so much for your invaluable lessons and constant encouragement. I most certainly believe and know my steps have been ordered by the Lord. From meeting Mr. Dana Wilcock at church and him inviting me to JobSeekers, Ms. Linda Wells assisting me immensely with my resume, your brilliant classes (value-added references, interviews, etc.), and Mr. David Halm providing the Project Success Method course. My cup runneth over and I am indebted to your services.

    Best wishes and have an awesome Friday!


    – Eni


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      Perfect Job — Gone in 60 Seconds

      Tom Andersen

      This wonderful message came in about three weeks ago. I’m delighted to share this with you now. Notice the combination of identifying a job lead, and then leveraging influential contacts inside the company.

      Congratulations Tom; I’m very proud of you!

      – Dave O’Farrell

      – – – – –


      Earlier this year I thought I found the perfect job at Cree. Little did I know that it would be short lived because of a companywide restructuring that took place in early October. It hit me hard as I was doing well personally, lead our group in sales and had a solid pipeline of business opportunities lined up.

      I never expected to lose my job with all the good that was happening. After I regrouped I started doing the things you teach each week, especially networking, networking, networking! I found that there were not a lot of opportunities in my field and although I had all this knowledge and experience I was “over qualified” or did not have the right degree, or was not in New York, Philadelphia or some other Northeast city.

      I found a post for a job on the Edison Report and sent in a cover letter and resume on 12/1. I received an email reply and a call in a couple days from the hiring manager. I had not heard of the company but during the call found they were from Germany and had been in the US for only a couple years but they also owned another company in SC that has been around about 20 years in the USA. This other company is Hess America. I know the COO and the inside CS manager at Hess very well and worked with them prior to them going to work at Hess.

      During the call the hiring manager mentioned the two individuals I knew. The call went well and I asked the hiring manager if we could meet in person to allow me to learn more about the product, the job, and how I could help them fill the needs they had. I offered to drive to SC for the meeting.

      That turned out to be the best two tanks of gas I ever spent! I met with them the better part of last Wednesday afternoon and was able to see those I knew from Hess and talk to them as well. I followed up with a “thank you” to everyone on Thursday outlining my understanding of their need and how I could achieve the goal they had. I received an email acknowledging the same from them and that they were going to check a couple references.

      When I was with them last week I closed the meeting by leaving my reference testimonials and recommendation letter one of the managers I worked for had provided to me. Yesterday the hiring manager sent me a message that he was preparing an offer letter and I would receive it today.

      It is a great offer with a good salary package, benefits, car allowance, and three weeks’ vacation. I start on 1/1/17. Further proof – The Hiring Season is now! I appreciate what you do and teach and learned a lot from attending your class and going to the meetings in the past.

      The outplacement my last company Cree provided was of minimal help and what they suggested I was already doing because of what I had learned from you. From when I saw the job post to accepting an offer was only 13 days! I continued to follow up on other opportunities and call others in the industry as this was not a for sure position until today.

      Thank you again and I hope you have a very Merry Christmas with those close to you and a very prosperous New Year!

      Best regards,

      Tom Andersen
      East Region Sales Manager
      Noedeon USA

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        New Job, and Two Job Leads

        flight-display-systems-squarelogo-1423178534937I am delighted to share this message with you. Theresa says a lot of nice things below, but I want to emphasize what a great leader she was during her time at JobSeekers. Each week, the same core group of people sat at her table and cheered each other on.

        This morning Theresa wrote to say there is an opening for an accountant and a purchasing manager. These are not yet on their website, but they may be by the time you read this. The jobs are in Alpharetta. Contact Theresa if you think you might be a fit.

        Congratulations Theresa, and thanks for paying it forward!

        – Dave

        – – – – –

        Dear Dave,

        Each week as I continue to receive and enjoy the JobSeekers Newsletter, I think back on my time there this past spring. It is blessing to hear about all that is continuing on in your ministry there. As I write this note, I realize I will have my six-month anniversary here at Flight Display Avionics next Tuesday November 1st. Wow, where has time gone? Since late April, I have passed my PMP Exam, taken a new job, sent two kids off to college, and moved to Cumming for my new position.

        In reflecting on the last six months, I remember vividly this past January through April attending JobSeekers and practicing my 60-second introduction each week. It was hard initially to figure out how to shorten and target 15 years of program and project management-related work at IBM into a statement which would not direct people to thinking I was a full blown IT professional.

        The practice paid off because I landed the perfect job for me – project management in a technical environment. Since coming on board as the Strategic Project Manager to the CEO and CFO, I have been tapped to lead a long term project retooling the company’s ERP system. I have been challenged professionally in new ways I never imagined and have learned so much. I wanted to thank you personally, Dave, for the work you did on my résumé and for your continued guidance at JobSeekers. I landed in only four months’ time and I credit this program and process strongly in my success.

        Many changes and challenges – all seen as blessings from our Lord and Savior. As I read the verse in today’s newsletter, “Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed. – Proverbs 16:3” it really reminded how focused on God I was during my transitional season and how much I trusted Him to show me the new path. Keeping faith and keeping focused on what was really important led to the blessings I am experiencing today. I am one grateful God Girl but also aware that I need to keep this focus now amidst the blessings of this new job.

        Thank you again and blessings to all those new JobSeekers out there. Feel free to link me and if you ever see a connection or way I could help you – drop me an email and let’s see what we can do!

        In Christ,

        – Theresa Yoss

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          Working Out of My Home Office

          Home Office

          John Lloyd

          Hello Dave,

          Hope things are well!

          Wanted to let you know I have landed a new job with Ametek. Working out of my home office which is different, but a welcome change from commuting.

          Thank you for all your help and support. What you and the team do for JobSeekers is awesome. Glad Arlyn directed me to you and the group because I was little lost at the time.

          It was a relief to be able to meet other folks and talk about ‘things’ that really matter with the Lord present and behind us all. Gave me much needed peace of mind which I wouldn’t have found elsewhere.

          If there is anything I can do to help going forward please let me know.

          Thank you again and God Bless.

          – John Lloyd

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            Secret Job Market

            Secret Job Market

            John Duncan


            I want you to know that I received a job offer from Robert Half Legal and I accepted it! Your help was invaluable, especially the focus on the secret job market. My new position was never posted but my persistence with networking got me in the door.

            You and your team do amazing work, and I am confident that my time on Fridays was well spent. Thank you for everything! Praise God!

            – John Duncan

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              Four Degrees of Separation

              Four Degrees of Separation

              James Barnard

              This success story came in last month. Just getting a chance to post. Notice that networking through four degrees of separation was the key to landing this great job. Congratulations and all the best to you, James!

              – Dave O’Farrell

              – – – – –

              Hi Dave!

              Great news! Berlin Packaging made me a job offer! It’s a little higher than what I was making at my previous employer. I used some data from the school of Industrial Engineering at Georgia Tech to negotiate a better base. After relaying that information and throwing in a few other things, we settled on a fair number and I accepted the offer. With a quarterly bonus that seems to be pretty attainable, a review in six months in addition to an annual review that could lead to a raise, I’m happy! I start on Monday.

              This offer started with an ad on LinkedIn. Within a few days the ad was closed. I got with you and you put me in touch with Debbie Jones who is now at Eaton but used to be a customer of Berlin. Debbie was able to get me in touch with Berlin Atlanta’s District Sales Manager who put my resume in front of the hiring manager. That’s four degrees of separation!

              Thank you for your help and thank you for all you do!

              Keep Smilin’,

              – James Barnard

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                Career Advice From a Successful Job Seeker

                Michael Amann

                Michael Amann

                I’m delighted to share this letter from Michael Amann. His last JobSeekers meeting was 11 December. He announced that he and his wife felt called to move back to their hometown of Knoxville. He openly shared the lessons he had learned and told us he wished they had responded to God’s pulling on their hearts sooner.

                I’ll let Michael pick up the story from here, but first I want to extend my congratulations and very best wishes to Michael and his wife.

                – Dave O’Farrell

                – – – – –


                I have good news to share. I’ve landed a job in Knoxville.

                Here is the timeline for this position.

                2/4 1:10 PM Call from Katie at Randstad, who I meet via a job fair on 1/28.

                2/4 3:45 PM Interview set for next day at 9:00 AM. There was no job description. All I was told that Trey is a big UT fan (go Vols) and does not like the Gators, this is warehouse manager and routing specialist.

                2/4 7:00-10:30 PM Searched for anything I could find about Trey and Athens Distributors.

                2/5 9:00 AM “Interview” at Starbucks in Knoxville. This was very informal, although I still wore suit and tie. Mainly to see if my resume and me matched. I also used this to see if Trey matched what Athens had on the web. After an hour we both agreed that we represented what we claimed to be.

                2/5 1:15 PM offer made

                2/5 1:16 PM offer accepted

                I think that equals 24 hours, 6 minutes.

                Here are just a few things that helped me and may help others:

                1. Pray for others, then pray for yourself.
                2. You are NOT alone. Use the resources you have, especially at JobSeekers. Talk to Dana, Linda, Bob, Frank and the other Ship’s Crew. They are pretty tough and can take it.
                3. Swallow your pride and reach out to your former supervisor. I spoke with all three of mine and they all agreed to provide a good reference and offer advice. One in fact opened the door at a company in Knoxville that I could not crack.
                4. If your Linked In connects cannot or will not help – GET SOME NEW ONES. Once connected ask how YOU can help THEM.
                5. I moved to Knoxville with 968 connections. Within three days, I added almost 100 NEW connections in the Knoxville area. Then very quickly got some advice, information and referrals (A.I.R.).
                6. Use every opportunity to help someone else first. Yes, I did not have a job, but I had people ask me for help in their search and I was more than glad to be able to. And sometime it was not job related.
                7. Go to job fairs and talk to everyone you can. Especially staffing agencies. I was able to meet with the 6 major ones in one place.
                8. Going on an interview? Dress up! Impressions count!

                The recruiter at Randstad was impressed the day I meet her. I asked her if she told the client that I was “swell guy and a snappy dresser?” She said “I told him he would be impressed when he meet you”. Then I asked her if she remembered which suit I had on when I meet her? She said charcoal, which was close enough (it was Navy). So I told her I would wear my green one.

                God’s plans are way better than mine. Do not attempt to go through a door that HE has closed. It’s closed for a reason, even if we don’t know why.

                I wish all of you the very best, you are in our prayers,

                – Michael Amann

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                  Networking is “Awkward and Sleazy”

                  Rusty-OrtkieseDelighted to share this success story with you this week; and another placement during Hiring Season. Another networking success story. I contacted a former client for an executive search I’m working on and found out that he’d landed a great job. This message reinforces what we are going to teach at JS on Friday. Congratulations Rusty; I’m proud of the way you are managing your career! – Dave O’Farrell

                  – – – – –

                  Crazy! I have had “Email Dave O’Farrell” on my “To Do” list for the last couple weeks.

                  Dave, I am constantly grateful for having gone through my job termination two years ago, because that is what brought me to JobSeekers and how I met you and the other volunteers there. The principles you all teach have become a part of my daily life and there are so many great examples of the real value created by my implementing them.

                  Before JobSeekers I thought of “networking” as an awkward and somewhat sleazy activity and I shied away from it whenever possible. But the way you guys teach ‘networking with a purpose’ opened my eyes to the way it is supposed to be done, which in hindsight is such a natural and mutually beneficial part of normal human interaction (why wasn’t that a class in high school?).

                  Being an engineer with an interest in business, I knew that I needed to learn about sales so several years ago I moved into technical sales roles. But I feel like I have learned so much more about real and effective sales in the last two years, by implementing your AIR-based networking.

                  We will have to catch up soon, I’d love to tell you more details.

                  Also, the value of purposeful networking was key to my recent new job transition, which has been a blessing to me and my family on many levels. And beyond that, even this week my new boss liked a subtle pitch that I made so much that he called me later to ask that I put together a proposal for something that would truly be the pinnacle of my dream job.

                  I believe that God has plans for our lives and that He leads us. I in no way would have chosen to lose my job, but now I can see that the things I learned during that time were absolutely necessary for me to be able to travel this part of the journey. I would not have been able to accomplish the recent successes without the skill set I learned then and have been practicing since.

                  I think about you guys often and just last week was talking to a new co-worker about the things I learned through JobSeekers and O’Farrell Career Management. Thank you. The work you are doing is impacting lives and I am definitely one of them.

                  Also, I just recommended to a lady in my Sunday School to check out JobSeekers.

                  And on to your question: Yes, of course I’ll give you any advice, information, and referrals I can. I will likely be very busy all day tomorrow, but feel free to try me over the weekend anytime.

                  I look forward to catching up!

                  – Rusty Ortkiese


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                    Long Distance Networking Record

                    Long Distance Networking

                    Tom McCutchen

                    From Atlanta to Capetown to Dusseldorf

                    This week’s letter is longer than usual, but I promise it’s a good read. Tom sent this to me on Sunday. This is the third time I’ve published a “Hey Dave, I got a job” message from Tom. The first was in October 2009; the other was a year ago this week. The cool thing last year was that Tom found a job an excellent job in Atlanta by talking to a friend in Sao Paulo – he set the long distance networking record of 4600 miles.

                    He just broke his own record. This time it is 8100 miles – all the way to Capetown, South Africa.

                    Never discount any conversation; always be alert to the possibility that the person you are with right now can help you find a job.

                    Congratulations once again, Tom. Love how you are managing your career!

                    – Dave O’Farrell

                    – – – – –

                    Hi Dave,

                    My gig at Healthways in Brazil ended in early September. It was a great experience professionally, personally and financially. I’ve spent the last couple of months up in Dunwoody, absent from the JobSeekers group but pretty well grounded in the methodology, and equipped with an updated set of value-added references.

                    Long distance networking led to my new job. I contacted my friend Hakon, who is from Bergen, Norway but currently resides in Capetown, South Africa. Hakon and I have worked together on software implementations in Brazil for two different companies. About a year ago he joined his current employer.

                    I contacted him a couple of months ago in the spirit of confirming his latest contact information and checking his willingness to act as a reference again, rather than shaking him down for a job. As it happens, Hakon’s boss (and mine, starting tomorrow) lives in Atlanta; Hakon sent my resume to him, and then he invited me for lunch toward the end of October.

                    This led to a trip to the company headquarters in Northern Virginia and finally a Skype interview with the regional director in Europe. I start tomorrow and I’ll spend a few months in the DC area getting up to speed on the software before relocating to Germany to work on software deployments in the Europe / Middle East / Africa region.

                    I’ll be working in telecom billing software implementation, my old bailiwick, again. I’m looking forward to the job and the international travel, although the chances of working in Brazil again look pretty remote. That’s the only conspicuous downside; anyway, things are lousy right now in Brazil and jobs are scarce.

                    I’d like to humbly suggest that my credentials as a long distance job networker have been enhanced in the sequence of contacts that I just described: the outcome of the initial Atlanta to Capetown outreach was a job in Dusseldorf.

                    I’d also like to once again pass along my thanks for past assistance from you and the crew which continue to be helpful years after the assistance was received.

                    Best regards and muito obrigado,

                    – Tom

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