27 April 2017

Networking is “Awkward and Sleazy”

Rusty-OrtkieseDelighted to share this success story with you this week; and another placement during Hiring Season. Another networking success story. I contacted a former client for an executive search I’m working on and found out that he’d landed a great job. This message reinforces what we are going to teach at JS on Friday. Congratulations Rusty; I’m proud of the way you are managing your career! – Dave O’Farrell

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Crazy! I have had “Email Dave O’Farrell” on my “To Do” list for the last couple weeks.

Dave, I am constantly grateful for having gone through my job termination two years ago, because that is what brought me to JobSeekers and how I met you and the other volunteers there. The principles you all teach have become a part of my daily life and there are so many great examples of the real value created by my implementing them.

Before JobSeekers I thought of “networking” as an awkward and somewhat sleazy activity and I shied away from it whenever possible. But the way you guys teach ‘networking with a purpose’ opened my eyes to the way it is supposed to be done, which in hindsight is such a natural and mutually beneficial part of normal human interaction (why wasn’t that a class in high school?).

Being an engineer with an interest in business, I knew that I needed to learn about sales so several years ago I moved into technical sales roles. But I feel like I have learned so much more about real and effective sales in the last two years, by implementing your AIR-based networking.

We will have to catch up soon, I’d love to tell you more details.

Also, the value of purposeful networking was key to my recent new job transition, which has been a blessing to me and my family on many levels. And beyond that, even this week my new boss liked a subtle pitch that I made so much that he called me later to ask that I put together a proposal for something that would truly be the pinnacle of my dream job.

I believe that God has plans for our lives and that He leads us. I in no way would have chosen to lose my job, but now I can see that the things I learned during that time were absolutely necessary for me to be able to travel this part of the journey. I would not have been able to accomplish the recent successes without the skill set I learned then and have been practicing since.

I think about you guys often and just last week was talking to a new co-worker about the things I learned through JobSeekers and O’Farrell Career Management. Thank you. The work you are doing is impacting lives and I am definitely one of them.

Also, I just recommended to a lady in my Sunday School to check out JobSeekers.

And on to your question: Yes, of course I’ll give you any advice, information, and referrals I can. I will likely be very busy all day tomorrow, but feel free to try me over the weekend anytime.

I look forward to catching up!

– Rusty Ortkiese


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