16 February 2019

Building Your Own Brand

This week’s topic about personal brandingpersonal branding, “Building Your Own Brand: How to put what you’re selling into one clear concise and powerful message,” is vitally important to every job seeker.

Have you ever thought of yourself as a brand? Yes, we all have our own personal brand whether we devote any thought or energy to it or not. As job seekers, we can scarcely ignore this important dimension of our campaigns.

There are many elements that make up a strong brand, and we teach these elements throughout the six-month curriculum. This week we will tie all this together as we create our own advertising slogan and business cards. You can use your new material as you are out and about during the Christmas and holiday season.

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JobSeekers meets every Friday morning at First Baptist Church in Peachtree City from 7:30 to 10:00 am. First Baptist Church is located at 208 Willow Bend Road.

Click here for more information about the meetings and agenda.

See you on Friday!

– Dave O’Farrell
Executive Recruiter, Outplacement Consultant
O’Farrell Career Management

“Atlanta’s most effective career services firm.”


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    1. Great point Dave! Your personal brand is essential to job seeking success and success in every endeavor. Problem is you have one whether you have thought about it or not. Is your brand memorable?

      Think about the last time you were on the soft drink aisle at the local grocery store. No one can look at all the brands there. We gravitate to the one that is top of mind for us, the one we’ve found stands out above all others. Companies like Coca-Cola continue to advertise to build brand awareness so they stand out when you get to the “Coke aisle”.

      You need to build your brand to stand out as well. Can’t wait to talk more about this tomorrow morning – looking forward to being with you all.

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